Know More About the Best Free Email Account Providers

Nowadays, you can easily find out the excellent choices of free email account service providers online. This kind of service is highly necessary for job recruitment, networking, transferring files, downloading resources, meeting with colleagues, setting reminders and more in the different situations.

It could be somewhat a challenging task to find the best email account service provider with no cost along with the great usability and features. The following are the useful tips and guide given by the experts to make a right selection of the best email service provider for completely free of cost.

Types of email accounts service providers

Before choosing a particular email account service provider on the internet, first of all you should be familiar with the types of email account services given by them. There are usually two different types of the email service providers to choose from including webmail and email clients. When the business owners are using your email service provider in order to access your email from the different location or device through the internet, you can choose any of these three protocols such as IMAP, POP3 and Exchange.

Webmail: The webmail is a specific form of the email which you can exclusively access from the online platform. Therefore, it is primarily available on the cloud instead of the computer platform. You don’t need to use the installed application to fetch your email because there is a possibility to manage your mail inbox directly from your internet browser.

Email clients: When it comes to the email clients, they are generally the particular software applications which you have to install on to your computer for greatly managing the email you send & receive. In order to access this email service, the client has to interact with the remote email server. The popular email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. For mass mailing the best and most popular tool is ams 4.3 (Advanced Mass Sender 4.3).

Different Email protocols

While getting the free email account services, you will get an opportunity to access any one of these three different protocols such as:

  • POP3 – POP is nothing but the Post Office Protocol which is absolutely a great choice for the people who have only one email client and email account. POP3 is the latest version of this email protocol which allows you to access the emails even offline.
  • IMAP – IMAP stands for Internet Mail Access Protocol which is the older email protocol but still used by the several numbers of the users. IMAP4 is the latest version of this protocol to securely send and receive the emails along with the several managing features.
  • Exchange – It is actually the best level of protocol directly given by the Microsoft Company. It is just similar to the IMAP protocol to access your email on the internet from the different types of the computer and mobile devices.

Some of the suggestions of the best free email accounts service providers include Gmail, Zoho, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo Mail and much more.